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Tailored solutions for today’s toughest market access challenges, helping you to prepare for tomorrow’s value-based healthcare.

Market Access and Pricing, Strategic Consulting Services | Inbeeo

We pride ourselves on fully understanding your needs as well as those of your key stakeholders to ensure that the project deliverables have these stakeholders in mind, whether they are patients, physicians, payers, regulators or internal colleagues.

Inbeeo has developed a suite of tools and supporting services to deliver integrated market access solutions.

We have aligned our services with our four key missions:


Define the right value strategies

Maximising the value of health technologies requires making the right decisions at the right time. We apply best-in-class strategy development methods tailored to your needs to –

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  • Gain early payer / regulatory / competitor landscape and pricing estimates in target countries of interest
  • Evolve your market access strategy and operational plans, considering environmental changes and likely challenges
  • Rate the value of your asset relative to analogues or comparators to support decision stage gates, portfolio management or pricing
  • Establish the potential value drivers and the impact that value improvement in this domain can have on access and pricing

Example tools and services we utilise to support you to define the right value strategies include:

  • Landscape assessments, analysis & planning
  • Product and Payer Value Proposition development, testing & communication
  • Pre-launch market access analysis, planning & recommendations
  • Payer perception research across geographical locations
  • Indication selection & expansion
  • Payer strategy & insight to inform future clinical study design

Our impact

Inbeeo partnered with a client to develop a market access strategy for new cell therapies across four indications, helping to guide clinical study design and product aspirations


Price right

All health technologies should be priced according to the value they bring to patients, healthcare systems and society. Our pricing solutions can help you to address a wide range of complex needs, including –
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  • Realise a price for your innovative asset based on its true value.
  • Fully understand payers’ monetary thresholds to support Value-Based Pricing decisions.
  • Understand the potential pricing zone and access barriers, and how to overcome or minimise these.
  • How different clinical and HTA scenarios can impact the probability of achieving your target price for your asset
  • Perform agile portfolio evaluations, comparing assets across your portfolio based on their likelihood of pricing and market access success
  • Gathering primary and secondary pricing insight

Example tools and services we utilise to support you to price right include:

  • Generation of custom value frameworks tailored to demonstrate the full value of your assets.
  • We work with you to identify your assets key value drivers, quantify their benefit and distil these into intuitive value metrics and associated value-based prices.

Value narrative assessment, reframing and retesting to positively impact on pricing estimates

  • Creation of your assets Target Product Profile and Value Proposition and identify supporting evidence generation requirements

Net price calculator for asset comparison

Pricing & reimbursement, research, intelligence & scenario planning

  • Landscape assessment of asset needs within therapy area/indications.
  • Gap analysis and implications for asset including implications of current and future landscape on asset access strategy.
  • Value drivers of therapy area/indication and payers’ sentiments
  • Pricing analogue studies.
  • Pricing scenarios at the geography level to assess short-, medium- & long-term outcomes and impact on assets.
  • Pricing implications of target assets and indication choices/prioritisation strategy.
  • Pricing potential of assets in countries of interest to support investment decisions.
  • Pricing strategy and policy document development.
  • Price calculators to estimate maximum achievable price
  • Interactive pricing dashboards

Our impact

Inbeeo employed a hybrid qualitative and quantitative assessment of achievable pricing, combined with extensive input from global & affiliate colleagues, to refine a products global pricing strategy leading up to launch


Translate data into insights

Understanding inevitably starts with data. We help you collect data and translate this information into meaningful insight and action to help you –

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  • Understand the evidence requirements for access for your asset/indication/therapy area across geographies
  • Identify and recommend actions to support your evidence generation, pricing and reimbursement plans
  • Obtain Payer insights to inform the future evidence generation strategy
  • Create a Target Product Profile and Value Proposition, including the evidence base required to support this
  • Identify key value drivers to develop data generation strategies to maximize your asset’s value performance
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of value from the eyes of the relevant decision-makers

Example tools and services we utilise to support you to understand the data include:

Data analysis & actionable insight recommendations

  • In depth qualitative research
  • Claims data analysis
  • HEOR data analysis from heterogenous sources to support pricing, market access & reimbursement
  • Country level surveys
  • Interactive pricing dashboards

Modelling to support market access & pricing

  • Budget Impact Modelling
  • Health Economic models for pricing
  • Price-Volume modeling
  • Value-based pricing
  • Value-frameworks
  • Critical review / appraisal of health economic models including recommendations to strengthen models and submissions to HTA agencies

Our impact

Inbeeo supported our client to gain a greater understanding of the potential Gene Therapy market size by developing an interactive gene therapy budget impact calculator

Market Access and Pricing, Strategic Consulting Services | Inbeeo

Operationalise the value​

Even the best strategies will fail without proper execution. We partner with you to translate your asset value and pricing strategy into an operational reality, enabling you to –

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  • Create a Target Product Profile and Value Proposition, including the evidence base required to support this
  • Develop Product and Payer Value propositions and test effectiveness of communication messages
  • Provide a ‘deep dive’ value framework assessment and identify key value drivers relevant to your asset, therapy area, clinician, patient and payer perspectives within the country of interest

Example tools and services we utilise to support you to operationalise the value include

Payer toolkit development

  • Payer agreements development
  • Payer engagement strategies including recommended approaches and implementation support
  • Payer negotiation tools, objection handlers, guidance documents and mock negotiation support/ negotiation readiness assessment

Operationalise your pricing strategy

  • Pricing simulation tool to account for multiple options e.g. dosing, geography, comparators
  • Workshops with local affiliates to pressure test assumptions with the pricing simulation tool
  • Country needs assessment to support budget and resource allocation ahead of product launch
  • Dissemination of final recommendations, communication, workshops to internal, external audiences

Asset optimization

  • Product line pricing optimization and rationalization support

Our impact

Inbeeo leveraged its expert network and ran an in-person advisory board to help our client gain a better understanding on the upcoming Joint Clinical assessment in the EU and its challenges

Inbeeo payer council

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Inbeeo has a network of experts, key opinion leaders and consultants to draw upon to support our partners’ projects and get further into the detail. Our team of friendly experts are current or former payers and key opinion leaders within recognised bodies across the world.

Inbeeo is experienced in supporting primary research activities and have broad experience across multiple therapeutic areas. Should you want to learn more about our Payer Council or wish to become a member of the council, then please contact contact@inbeeo.com for more information.

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