COVID-19 Impact on Market Access Activities

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The Impact of COVID-19 Impact on Worldwide Market Access Activities

The COVID-19 Impact on Market Access Dashboard provides an interactive display of how the global pandemic affected market access activities during the height of the pandemic between April-May selected countries.

Using the Dashboard

  • The Dashboard consists of a map detailing the market access situation on a country basis and a table showing individual agency activity
  • Use the slider at the top of the dashboard to change the date for both the map and the tabe (you will need to wait a few seconds after changing the date for the dashboard to update) 
  • Hover over the map with your mouse to display the Market Access details for each countries
  • You can also hover over different section in the table to view the full contents of each cell

Any additions or corrections to the dashboard are very much welcomed. Please let us know by sending an email to

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