Inbeeo is an independent consultancy focusing on value and pricing strategy for innovative life-science products, delivering on-time, fact-based, trustworthy, direct, actionable and honest advice.

On any given year, there is a $50 billion gap between analysts’ predicted sales for all new life science products launches and their actual sales. At Inbeeo, we believe that alongside scientific challenges, the root cause of this gap is the lack of careful planning for and demonstration of value. This is why we call it “the value gap”. Inbeeo was founded from a clear vision:

“A world where the value of Health Technologies is fully realized”

We partner with clients who share this bold vision with us. We constantly challenge both ourselves and our clients to become the best at accomplishing the four critical missions that will eventually make our vision a reality:

  • Price right
  • Define the right value strategy
  • Gain the deepest understanding of the data
  • Relentlessly operationalize the value

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Recent Posts

Decoding the data: Twitter Analytics

Around this time last year Hervé shared his dabbling in Google trends leading to a retrospective identification of pharma bro being the most significant driver of pharmaceutical pricing searches in 2017. This sparked a lot of internal interest and prompted a pet project to see if we could do some deeper analysis on societies engagement with pharma pricing by flexing our proverbial machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) muscles. While search trends can take you so far, for 2018 we wanted to get our teeth into something with a bit more substance and Twitter duly obliged.