Our Impact

Understanding the data case study

How a DELPHI survey informed the key inputs of a health economic model to support the launch of a breakthrough specialty product

The Challenge

Inbeeo’s client, a large biotech, had received negative recommendations for reimbursement of its novel biologic treatment for severe forms of post-menopausal osteoporosis (PMO).

One of the key objections raised by payers resided in the the way the new product would be utilised as compared to the standard-of-care. In its initial submission, the client had largely based these parameters on individual expert opinions and the literature.

The Approach

Inbeeo undertook a rapid two-round online DELPHI survey with a large sample of KOLs within the two markets in scope (England and Belgium).

The panel enabled scientifically robust consensus through agreement or disagreement to carefully selected statements targeted at the required inputs. Being hosted on an online platform, the DELPHI survey was a quick, efficient and flexible tool with no geographical constraints.

The Impact

The DELPHI panel generated the model inputs required to fill the data gaps in the clients’ initial economic model.

The negative recommendation was reversed in both markets, based on the new submitted evidence. In England, NICE mentioned Inbeeo’s report 17 times as being key to the reversal of its initial ruling.