Our Impact

Price right case study

How a semi-quantitative assessment of achievable pricing, combined with extensive input from global & affiliate colleagues, enabled the refinement of the global pricing strategy leading up to launch

The Challenge

Inbeeo’s client, a specialty CNS company, is preparing for the launch of their novel product in a highly competitive indication. ­There had been extensive work to establish value drivers, potential achievable prices and contracting strategies. However, Inbeeo’s client was left with remaining uncertainties on how to bring this work together in a strategy which could truly optimize the value of their product in such a challenging launch environment.

The client needed a critical eye to cut through the expanse of existing research, alongside a final refinement of achievable prices and access opportunities, to reach a more pinpointed global pricing strategy.

The Approach

Inbeeo used a hybrid approach to obtain a robust estimate of achievable pricing and final insights into contracting strategies. This research was critical in light of the rapidly changing competitive landscape and activities which had been taken by the client’s teams since the original researches. This involved:

  • ­Semi-guided interviews with a select group of top experts to gather deep qualitative insights
  • ­A quantitative online survey to obtain robust willingness-to-pay estimates

Results from both phases were combined, together with Inbeeo’s extensive synthesis of existing research and expertise in pricing strategy development, to build a final, refined market access strategy ahead of launch.

The Impact

The qualitative and quantitative outputs from the semi-guided interview and survey were key elements informing the access strategy, with a key focus on pricing and contracting strategies, across the EU4 and the UK.

­Importantly, Inbeeo identified a significant risk with the previous approach to contracting, which could have had a major impact on success. Inbeeo’s refined strategy has enabled the client to put in place critical mitigation measures prior to launch.