Who we are

We are on a mission to help you to create superior value and optimise healthcare worldwide.

Our experience and expertise across a wide range of therapeutic areas, including orphan and speciality products, has helped us to develop structured methods and approaches to generate solutions for even the toughest pricing and market access challenges. You will get the best open and honest strategic advice as well as practical operational execution from a team that is globally networked with specific expertise across key markets within Europe, USA, Canada, China, and Japan.

Our vision

Inbeeo was founded from a clear bold vision.

We believe in "A world where the value of health technologies is fully realised"

In any given year, there is a $50 billion gap between analysts’ predicted sales for all new life science products launches and their actual sales. At Inbeeo, we believe that alongside scientific challenges, the root cause of this gap is the lack of careful planning for and demonstration of value. This is why we call it “the value gap”.

Our missions

With our vision in mind, we have aligned our services and products to four key mission areas

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Help you to define the value strategy

Maximising the value of health technologies requires making the right decisions at the right time. We apply best-in-class strategy development methods tailored to your needs.
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Help you to price right

All health technologies should be priced according to the value they bring to patients, healthcare systems and society. We have tools and methods to help you to solve that equation.

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Help you to translate data into insights

Understanding inevitably starts with data. We help you collect data and translate this information into insight and action.
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Help you to operationalise the value

Even the best strategies will fail without proper execution. We partner with you to translate your asset value and pricing strategy into an operational reality.

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Our core values

Our core values reflect our growing organisation and how we partner with you to achieve the exceptional results that you are looking for. Our core values are embedded in every interaction and decision we make:
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We commit ourselves to deliver your project to the highest standards
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We strive to provide you with new and creative solutions to your individual challenges
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We never compromise on doing the right thing for our team, partners and wider society

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We strive to think ‘outside-the-box’, approaching our partnerships and projects with fresh eyes and an open mindset
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We are motivated and inspired by working with you to contribute to the improvement of healthcare worldwide
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We grow as individuals and as one team and we are aligned with our partners on achieving growth for their business and for ours

Our commitments to you

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We will provide you with a tailored personal service – not a cookie-cutter approach. Each Market Access journey is unique and should be treated as such.
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We genuinely care about each project we undertake and hold ourselves accountable to meet our partner’s needs and goals
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Each phase of your project is carefully thought through, planned and designed to ensure the best approach is selected to achieve impactful results
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We will give you a clear and transparent price for your project
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The people that you meet are the people that do the work
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We will get it right first time, on time and on budget

The Inbeeo team

Hervé Lilliu

During a career split between industry and consulting, Hervé has gained a deep understanding of the key challenges faced by innovative life science companies. He has sharpened his tools while holding key leadership positions including Chief Access Officer, Global Marketing Head, and Affiliate President at Pfizer and UCB across 5 geographies in Europe and North America. He is a recognized thought leader in market access and pricing strategy development. He is passionate about developing novel value creation approaches in areas such as rare diseases, ATMPs, and digital therapeutics. Hervé holds a BSc in Data Science and an MSc in Health Economics both from PSL-Paris Dauphine University.

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Christel Jansen

Christel is an experienced consultant working with pharmaceutical companies and external stakeholders to improve patient access to innovation. She started her career as a global health- and health system-strengthening policy advisor to ministries of health in various countries. Since moving into strategy consulting, she has gained extensive experience in market access strategy development, value communication and access policy shaping in areas such as oncology, rare diseases, ATMPs, and medical devices/SAMDs. Christel enjoys bringing together stakeholders with different interests, perspectives and expertise to generate a shared understanding of the access challenge and develop tailored solutions that work at the operational level. Christel graduated from VU University in Amsterdam with a Master’s Degree in Medicine and Political Sciences/ International Relations.

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Max Rex

Max has spent his career helping companies develop pricing and market access strategies for a variety of innovative products, with a particular focus on orphan drugs and gene therapies. He has significant experience working on projects across Europe, North America and Asia. His expertise is in the development of market access strategies for early-stage assets, as well as pricing research and value communication. Before starting his career, Max attended Imperial College London, where he completed both an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry and an MRes in Molecular and Cellular Biosciences.

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Erin Haney

Erin has focused her career on supporting pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the development and launch of health technologies across Europe and North America. She applies her knowledge of health systems and experience in health economics and outcomes research to help clients solve their most challenging value and pricing questions. Her focus lies in executing strategic pricing projects using a variety of techniques, including primary payer research and landscape and analogue analyses. Her experience spans a variety of disease areas, including CNS, autoimmune, and rare diseases. She holds an MPH specializing in Health Services and Systems from Imperial College London and an Honours BSc in Life Sciences from McMaster University, Canada.

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Vishal Yadav

Vishal has a passion for market access particularly in primary payer research, value messages, and pricing. As a consultant, he spent his career supporting clients in developing global access and pricing strategy and value communication. He has worked broadly across multiple disease areas, including rare diseases, oncology, diabetes, asthma, and a variety of product types; such as novel medicines, ATMPs, companion diagnostics, and medical devices. Prior to working in consultancy, he worked in the industry and gained experience in health economics, outcome research, systematic literature reviews, patient-reported outcomes, and scientific communication. Academically, he attended the University of Delhi, where he completed both Bachelor of Pharmacy and Master of Pharmacy, specializing in Clinical Research.

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Sarah Kassenaar

Sarah began her career working in stem cell biology research, first in an academic lab exploring gene therapy and regenerative medicines for hearing loss and severe genetic diseases and gene therapies for haematological disorders, in particular sickle cell disease. Since shifted her career to market access, Sarah has gained extensive experience in the delivery of strategic market access and value strategy projects for early ATMPs and pharmaceuticals across Europe and the US. Her specific expertise includes primary research, including interviews, value story testing, surveys and advisory boards, as well as strategy development across therapy areas such as chronic heart failure, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. She holds a MBA focusing on strategy and marketing from the University of Cambridge, and a BSc (Hons) in Biological Sciences from the University of Guelph 

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Jean-Marc Frybourg

A graduate of ESCP-Europe and holding a Masters in Market Research and Marketing Strategy, Jean-Marc has 30 years of experience in the broader pharmaceutical industry – including biologics and animal health. After 9 years in pharmaceutical marketing, he gained a Masters in Health Economics at Paris Dauphine University in 1995. Since then, Jean-Marc held various Local, Regional and Global positions encompassing pricing and reimbursement, HEOR, health policy, and government affairs (Novartis, Sanofi Pasteur Vaccines, Pfizer, Shire, Merck, Indivior). Jean-Marc brings experience gained over a vast number of pricing and market access challenges ranging from identifying value for early R&D projects, to protecting products from price erosion during late-stage commercialisation.

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Mingkei (John) Lee

John has focused his career in Market Access where he has gained a breadth of pricing and market access experience across US, key European and JAPAC markets, covering disease areas such as oncology, autoimmune diseases and rare diseases. John focuses on global launch pricing, launch sequencing strategy, landscape assessment and economic modelling at Inbeeo. John graduated from University College London (UCL) with a BSc in Biotechnology.

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Sara Cueva Oemer

Sara started her career in Market Intelligence and Strategy where she focused on the support of business strategic decision-making. She now applies this experience to the Market Access field where she focuses on the delivery of value and pricing strategy projects. In her role, she focuses on quantitative and qualitative data analysis and interpretation, as well as survey design and roundtable content creation and organization. She has also conducted research and supported projects focused on the impact of regulatory updates in the EU on the EU HTA landscape. Sara holds an MSc Public Health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and an MA (Hons) Psychology from the University of Edinburgh

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Tania Savant

Tania has focused her career at Inbeeo on the delivery of complex market access strategies and value strategy development for early assets, with a key focus on ATMPs and orphan drugs, across Europe, North America, and Japan. She applies her experience and expertise from her academic years where she conducted research focused on the development of novel gene therapy tools for the treatment of rare neurological disorders. Tania graduated from the University of St Andrews, with a first-class degree in Neuroscience and a MSc from UCL in Clinical Neuroscience.

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Yigit Ergin

Yigit began his career working at Silicon Valley-based biotech Cantabio, where he supported the commercial development of multiple pipeline projects in oncology and neurodegenerative diseases. He now applies this knowledge when supporting pharmaceutical and biotech companies on value and pricing strategy projects across a range of disease areas across EU and US markets. His expertise lies in executing primary payer research through payer interviews and surveys, as well as constructing landscape assessments and analogue analyses for orphan products. He is also conducting research on emerging HTA trends for products with surrogate outcomes in non-small cell lung cancer. Yigit graduated from University College London (UCL) with a First-Class Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical Sciences, as well as an MSc in Drug Discovery and Pharmaceutical Management with Distinction. 

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Bart Strezelec

Bart has extensive experience in delivering operational projects including international initiatives. His particular focus is process optimization, finance and payments. His specific expertise includes team support, customer data and budget analysis ensuring smooth running of the organization. He graduated from Middlesex University specializing in antiretroviral treatments. 

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Lucrezia Della Loggia

MSc in Drug Discovery and Pharmaceutical Management from University College London (UCL) and BSc in Biomedical Sciences from, Royal Holloway University of London, during which Lucrezia has gained comprehensive understanding in the intricate process of drug discovery, development, and pharmaceutical management. Equipped with this knowledge and skills, Lucrezia aims to contribute to evidence-based decision-making for improved patient access.

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Konstantina Malliou-Najjar

Konstantina brings her background in oncology and knowledge of healthcare systems and policies to support Inbeeo’s clients in the execution of primary payer research, landscape and analogue analyses, and strategic pricing projects across a variety of disease areas, including CNS and orphan diseases. Konstantina graduated with distinction from Imperial Business School with an MSc in International Health Management. Prior to this, she undertook a BSc in Biology in National and Kapodistrian University of Athens(NKUA), during which time Konstantina was specialised in the clinical analysis of bladder cancer.

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Olivia Hasson

During her studies at Imperial College London where Olivia gained an MEng degree in Molecular Bioengineering, she undertook modules spanning from image processing to nanotechnologies for cancer therapy to business economics. She now applies her extensive knowledge and analytic skills to support a range of pricing and market access projects across key European markets. Her specific expertise includes conducting analogue analyses, secondary research and content development
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Mara Gerhardt

Mara has an academic background in translational medicine with extensive research experience focusing on understanding the current challenges facing gene therapy reimbursement in the EU5 and potential solutions to overcome these. She now applies this in a commercial setting to support market access strategy in various therapeutic areas, including gene therapies and Parkinson’s disease. At Inbeeo, she focuses on content development, expert sourcing and both primary and secondary research. Mara holds a Masters in Therapeutic Sciences from the University of Cambridge and a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences (Hons) from the University of Bath.

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Sama Seyedmousavi

Sama has a diverse background in Economics and Biology, covering various diseases and therapeutic areas. She has a BSc in Economics from the University of Tehran and holds a master’s degree from King’s College London in “Stem cells and Stem Cell and Regenerative Therapies: From Bench to Market”. Her thesis focused on developing a business plan for developing a cell therapy product targeting a rare disease in the paediatric population, which covered different stages of the product life cycle.  Her second MSc at Imperial College London in “Genes, Drugs and Stem cell” helped her to further develop an in-depth understanding of innovative therapies.  During her studies, Sama worked as an intern at Merck Group (Japan; Tokyo), in the Market Access and Pricing department, where she discovered her passion for helping pharmaceutical companies with the challenges they face regarding pricing and reimbursement.  Prior to joining Inbeeo, Sama graduated with Distinction from Imperial College studying MRes in “Biomedical Research” where she worked on different projects such as identifying HIV patients that might develop cardiovascular diseases, and the implication of the nerves to mature iPSC-derived heart muscles. 

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Toritseju Gbeke

BA hons in Digital marketing, with experience in content creation and marketing analysis supporting and optimising businesses on digital platforms. She has effectively launched campaigns, formulated SEO strategies and established effective copywriting skills in previous roles that produced optimal results. She is working as part of Inbeeo’s marketing team to increase their online presence. 

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Have a question? Want to connect to one of our experts? Have an interesting pricing, reimbursement or Market Access challenge? Then please do get in touch – we would love to hear from you!
Have a question? Want to connect to one of our experts? Have an interesting pricing, reimbursement or Market Access challenge? Then please do get in touch – we would love to hear from you!

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