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Generation of custom value frameworks tailored to demonstrate the full value of your assets.

The future of
value-based pricing

At Inbeeo we truly believe that the adoption of value-based healthcare is fast becoming a necessity in order to address the increasing challenge healthcare systems are facing of being able to provide access to new and innovative technologies while adhering to budget and resource constraints.
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To achieve a truly value-based system...

it is vital to encapsulate all the attributes of value that a new product brings into a single value framework. Being prepared for the wider use of value frameworks is essential to ensure the future success of your assets.

An example value framework generated to demonstrate the full value of an asset when incorporated into i-vbp
The partnered i-vbp and consulting approach to pricing your assets right
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Inbeeos’ i-vbp® is a tool that enables the generation of custom value frameworks...

tailored to demonstrate the full value of your assets. We work with you to identify your assets key value drivers, quantify their benefit and distil these into intuitive value metrics and associated value-based prices.

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i-vbp® puts the power of Multi- Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) value frameworks in your hands...

through an easy-to-use application combined with dedicated Inbeeo support. I-vbp® is a multi-platform application, compatible with mobile devices and hosted on secure servers so it is always accessible, always up-to-date and always safe.
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Why i-vbp®

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Navigating current value frameworks can be a tricky and confusing process due to their varying methodologies, focus on specific therapy areas and differing perspectives. Because of this we designed and built i-vbp® with simplicity and transparency in mind.

We work with you from the very beginning to define the right framework for your needs. Value frameworks are completely transparent and can be dynamically modified to reflect different locations and stakeholder perspectives so that results are easy to communicate.

i-vbp® is embedded into a number of our service offerings, playing a pivotal role in helping Inbeeo solve your toughest market access challenges:
Triangulate your assets’ value-based price – i-vbp® bespoke value frameworks ensure you capture the value that is relevant to your asset, the therapy area and your key stakeholders providing you with a true value-based price.
Identify data generation strategies to maximize the value of your asset – using i-vbp® with you pipeline assets will highlight key of value drivers, domains and the dimensions of value that may currently be under-supported with your current clinical development package.
Objectively evaluate your portfolio and pipeline products – i-vbp® allows agile and quantifiable comparisons between assets within and across portfolios, giving you a view of your products current and maximum potential value.
Assess how your assets perform on established value frameworks – i-vbp® can apply the methodology from existing value frameworks including ASCO and ESMO oncology frameworks.
Benchmarking the value of your assets against the current standard of care – i-vbp® enables you to generate a quantifiable pricing estimate for your assets based on the current pricing landscape and your assets value premium .
i-vbp® creates ‘In house’ value assessment frameworks that can offer additional benefits to your organisation:

Support your market access discussions and decisions with quantitative value data.

Connect your product and market access teams with pricing and probability of market access success metrics.

Always stay relevant to patients by ensuring you consider what they value most.

How does i-vbp® work?

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Comparing the overall value of one asset against another in a quantitative manner is not straightforward but with i-vbp® methodology we make it feel like it is.

There are always numerous areas where a product can demonstrate value beyond pure efficacy and safety. Consider the impact an asset has on a patients Quality of Life, the burden of disease within the therapy area or even a patient’s preference for an oral tablet over an intravenous injection. All these aspects can contribute to realising the full value of a health technology but how do we combine the right elements to arrive at a single, objective and comparable measure of value?

The first step of the i-vbp® process is to create and validate a value
framework tailored to the areas that encapsulate value for your assets:

This framework is then implemented into the i-vbp® cloud-based platform, allowing you to assess the value of your assets and generate pricing estimates with one-click on-demand reporting.
At its core, i-vbp® utilizes Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) methodology to distil all the elements of value relevant to your asset into an aggregated value summary to quantitatively compare assets on a value spectrum between 0 and 1.
Assessing products value on the value base pricing spectrum using i-vbp

i-vbp® shows you both the value of your asset based on current clinical evidence and also the target value that it could achieve with the most robust data package.

The final step is to apply the right monetary thresholds representing the payer’s willingness-to-pay or alternatively benchmark the price of your asset against the price of the current Standard of care treatments.

Value Based Pricing using price anchoring with i-vbp

The i-vbp® partnered solution

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At Inbeeo we are well aware that you cannot achieve value-based pricing with a piece of software alone, which is why i-vbp® is a truly partnered solution.
Our belief that every asset is unique and should be treated as such is truly embedded in the philosophy behind i-vbp® and is why we don’t subscribe to the one-framework fits all approach. Using a Co-creation, Distillation and Implementation process we work with you from the very beginning of framework conceptualisation to model validation and finish off with deployment and user training on the i-vbp® online platform.

Get started with Inbeeo and realise the true value of your assets.

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