Our Impact

Define the right value strategy case study

How a thorough analysis of potential access scenarios allowed to successfully launch a new indication of a product

The Challenge

Inbeeo’s client, a large pharmaceutical company, launched a product in an ultra-orphan indication. Following the publication of promising clinical results, they were looking to pursue an indication expansion into a potentially much larger indication.

­Although clinical results were positive, this indication expansion posed an immediate threat to price. There was therefore a critical need to identify the optimal positioning which maximised the value to patients, whilst still achieving commercial objectives.

The Approach

We developed a series of potential scenarios for our client’s product, looking at multiple iterations of the target indication and product positioning.

­The potential impact of these scenarios on price and access was informed by an extensive analysis of key analogue products that had followed a similar target population expansion in the recent past.

­The scenarios were extensively workshopped with the client, including a forced-ranking exercise to sharpen their focus on only 3 desirable scenarios.

The Impact

The scenarios developed for our client were fed into a quantitative model that allowed them to pilot their negotiation in real-time and achieve their desired outcome to maximize both patient and company value.