Our Impact

Define the right value strategy case study

How i-vbp® helped a specialty company pilot a new way to assess the value of targets for acquisition in multiple rare diseases CNS diseases

The Challenge

Inbeeo’s client, a specialty company with a long history of in-house product development successes, is looking to expand their asset portfolio for the next phase of their growth via agile acquisitions.

Our client aimed to approach disease selection in a systematic and unbiased manner via value modelling.

Before contracting Inbeeo, our client was juggling five different models to assess the value of acquisition targets, spanning from epidemiology to future unmet need and asset value assessment. The ability to effectively compare not only assets within an indication, but also across indications, as well as speed of decision making was negatively impacted by this fragmentation.

The Approach

Following an extensive review of relevant HTA frameworks, Inbeeo worked with our client to co-create a custom i-vbp® framework that encapsulated all aspects of value of the indications and assets.

Data was then extracted from the literature to enable robust value ratings within i-vbp®. The ratings, along with prevalence, and pricing data, formed the basis for the comparative analysis of indications and assets of interest. Based on the analysis, a set of recommendations were produced, including the identification of gaps and recommendations for future research.

The Impact

Inbeeo developed and operationalized the value framework within i-vbp® that enabled the systematic evaluation and prioritization of over 50 indications and 200 assets.

Using the custom framework, we enabled our client, for the first time, to triangulate the impact of value attributes relevant to the assessment on pricing and sales considering the future launch landscape. This enabled them to make swift decisions regarding indications and assets to pursue.