Our Impact

Understanding the data case study

How creating a unified vision and comprehensive framework for Real-World Evidence (RWE) supported seamless execution of RWE projects

The Challenge

Inbeeo’s client, a mid-sized pharma company, was renewing and relaunching their internal Real-World Evidence capabilities as a cross-functional team.

They approached Inbeeo to lead in developing both the strategic and operational aspects of the new offering.

With concepts of RWE weakly implemented in a fragmented manner across the organization, there was a need to both define a unified strategic vision for RWE and ensure that this translates into the seamless execution of RWE projects.

The Approach

Inbeeo developed a comprehensive RWE Framework:

  • A strategic framework was first collaboratively developed applying VMOST principles
  • An operational framework was then created to provide guidance on answering RWE research questions
  • Both elements were combined into a single web-based tool


The Impact

The work delivered a fundamental step-change in our client’s approach to RWE.

The deployment method provided the client with a single living tool for RWE that can be easily accessed and navigated, while also allowing for ongoing collaborative updates and content creation to reflect the rapidly evolving RWE landscape.