Our Impact

Operationalize the value case study

How developing a framework for Value Based Partnerships provided a platform for affiliates to explore how different tactics could be used to accelerate access

The Challenge

Inbeeo’s client, a mid-size biopharmaceutical company, were facing challenges in gaining reimbursement for some of their products across Europe.

They had begun to implement value-based partnerships (e.g. support in diagnosis, monitoring) with some success. However, this work was fractured with poor communication and experience sharing across the organization. An incomplete VBP framework resulted in limited experience implementing more complex partnerships.

­There was a strategic imperative to widen the use of VBPs with national payers, regional payers, hospitals, and more. This required the development of a strategic framework and the dissemination of best practices to facilitate the uptake of partnerships across different product and country teams.

The Approach

Inbeeo worked with our client to co-create a robust VBP classification framework, synthesizing existing work from across different project teams to reach a common definition for each partnership type.

­A catalogue of internal and external case exemplars was developed (including, the feasibility and impact of implementing these), as well as a streamlined internal governance process.

The final framework was built into a site hosted on the client’s internal SharePoint, which allowed for easy distribution and dissemination of information within the organization, and was presented to affiliate and product teams during a series of interactive workshops.

Inbeeo are now working with the client to implement a set of pilot agreements.

The Impact

Inbeeo transformed the disjointed, poorly-communicated sense of VBPs into a shared understanding across affiliates, ensuring the company is working towards a common goal. This is supported by the sharing of exemplars, providing teams with the inspiration and guidance needed to shape their strategy.

A streamlined governance process is helping to facilitate the implementation of a set of pilot projects – which will in turn be shared more widely via the SharePoint framework.