Our Impact

Price right case study

How the development of an international reference pricing model, supported by a deep understanding of market access dynamics, has supported launch sequencing of two specialty products

The Challenge

Inbeeo’s client, the global leader in a specialty therapeutic area, is launching two products, both novel formulations of their existing oral treatments. At the same time, generic versions of both originator molecules are launching across markets.

The client engaged Inbeeo to support the launch planning for both assets, including :

  • ­The formulation of a global pricing strategy
  • ­Launch sequence planning
  • ­Local strategy refinement

These launches bring with them several challenges, with such a heavily genericized SoC and low disease prioritization – combined with the client’s need to maintain their originator business.

The Approach

Inbeeo have been involved extensively in a long-term engagement with the client, with a wide range of activities to facilitate launch success for both products. Key to this has been:

  • ­The development of an international reference pricing (IRP) tool, including modelled price changes & cascade simulations
  • ­The development a global pricing strategy, taking into account benchmark therapy costs, pricing rules, potential to act upon value drivers, and list/net price dynamics
  • ­Deep-dive into analogues & treatment landscape to identify optimal positioning

The Impact

The client is mid-way through a highly successful launch for both products, with positive reimbursement decisions across multiple markets (including Nordics, Italy, UK). Prices achieved have exceeded the client’s original assumptions across multiple market, on account of careful positioning and a robust value narrative, combined with strategic launch sequence planning.