Our Impact

Price right case study

How a deep-dive analysis of key analogues allowed for the development of focused recommendations to optimize long-term success for an advanced oncology product facing multiple indication expansions

The Challenge

In advance of an upcoming indication expansion for their advanced oncology product, Inbeeo’s client needed to understand the potential implications on HTA, pricing and market access, across the EU5 and US.

There is a multitude of exemplars having undergone indication expansions in oncology. However, what our client needed was a systematic appraisal of the implications of these expansions. Furthermore, there was a need to identify and map the factors affecting these (e.g. population size, clinical evidence) so as to formulate a truly robust access strategy to future-proof the asset’s launch.

The Approach

Following a landscape review and mapping against key proximity indicators, Inbeeo identified two key product analogues suitable for a deep dive review.

We performed an intensive analysis of regulatory timelines and decisions, national and regional HTA decisions, reimbursement, and the funding and coverage status. Price evolutions were mapped against population expansions, and potential net prices were triangulated.​​

Insights were synthesized to formulate a set of recommendations to optimize the long-term success of the product, both at launch, and upon indication expansion – as well as the prioritization of indications.

The Impact

Insights on the anticipated pricing & reimbursement ramifications of indication expansions were embedded within the global team’s strategic planning.

Key recommendations were made on strategic launch sequencing (including identifying sub-populations to target), alongside opportunities to optimize the clinical evidence base.