Healthcare Appraisal: The Evolution of Value Based Healthcare

The Health Foundation and ICHOM are among the many stakeholders calling for an evolution of how we look at value in healthcare. Here are four trends emerging from their pledge.
The Evolution of Value Based Healthcare in Health Technology Assessments (HTA) - Trends Emerging from Stakeholders

The Health Foundation and ICHOM are among the many stakeholders calling for an evolution of how we look at value in healthcare. Four trends emerging from their pledge focusing on how a more holistic assessment of value in healthcare can be achieved are outlined in the infographic above and also summarised below:

Patient Centred Outcomes

Currently most health appraisals focus on individual clinical outcomes that are largely designed from the point of view of healthcare providers, regulators and payers. It is important to assess the merit of an intervention through a set of patient-centered results aiming at a more comprehensive depiction of a persons health

An Open Health System with Society at its Core

Traditionally outputs from and inputs into a closed healthcare system are balanced against each other in a measure of cost-effectiveness to assess the merit of a healthcare technology. However, the role of members of local communities as healthcare contributors as well as beneficiaries from improved health outcomes should be embedded in the appraisal of healthcare interventions.

Recognition of the Ultimate Goal of Wellbeing of Patients

 While individual metrics such as indicators of access to facilities are waiting times are included in various scorecards for tracking, the ultimate goal of healthcare is recognised as the wellbeing of people. Value assessments should include social and economic dimensions at the individual and collective level

The Importance of an Integrated System

Value assessments are often undertaken at the level of the ward, the hospital, or the device. This inevitably creates asentiment of fragmentation. The impact of care on patients and their communities should be assessed across specialities and settings over the long term


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