Advanced Access for Advanced Therapies

Out with the old, in with the new. What worked for small molecules and MAbs is irrelevant. We co-hosted this webinar with Impatient to help the audience uncover strategic frameworks, tailored for ATMP access challenges.

Full webinar replay

Webinar highlights

More than 800 people involved in the development of  advanced therapies across the globe joined us for a highly interactive session.

They were able to ask their questions to the industry leaders that formed the panel:

  • Marie-Sharmila Blandino, Global Access Strategy Lead, Oncology, Amgen
  • Tim Lenehan, Corporate VP, Global Head of Market Access, Novo Nordisk
  • Ramiro Gilardino, Global HTA & Access Policy Lead, MSD
  • Jason Foster, Chief Executive Officer, Ori Biotech
  • Herve Lilliu, Founder and CEO, Inbeeo
  • Paul Simms, Founder and CEO, Impatient (moderator)

Key learnings from the panel and the audience

  • Although there is a greater realization of the importance of value strategy for ATMPs among manufacturers, investments remain broadly insufficient
  • Companies must start planning early for value demonstration, sometimes as early as  during the preclinical phase
  • Cost of goods restrict our options to maneuver when it comes to pricing strategy – they will have to come  down, no matter how
  • You cannot ignore the impact that ATMPs can have on healthcare systems – tailored solution must be offered to each hospital to ensure an efficient treatment administration
  •  While clinical efficacy and patient value are must-haves at launch, Real-World Evidence is key to demonstrate the durability of effect

Inbeeo ATMP Access Framework

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Highlights from poll questions to the audience

To what extent do you personally believe the current access frameworks for ATMPs need to be reshaped?


Completely and comprehensively


Partially, depending on the exact therapy

Irrespective of how you answered above, how much investment (time, energy, financial) do you feel your company is putting into improving ATMP access capabilities?


We believe it’s important, but the effort doesn’t match the hyperbole


We’re doing OK – it’s not top priority but progress is being made

What do you believe is the key factor in proving the durability of effect for advanced therapies?


Real-World Evidence


Technological advancements in therapy development

Some the testimonials from the webinar

Thank you for a very interesting conversation

Very insightful, both from the panel and from the audience

Thanks very much for a fascinating discussion

Loved the framework

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