Three Things Drug Companies Can Learn from Vaccines

One of the many perks of my recent shift to consultancy is that I get to work on more diverse therapy areas – such as vaccines – as compared to when I was a pharma employee. With the vaccine market being concentrated among a handful of players, you can spend an entire career in pharma without being directly involved with vaccines. In fact, you could even be developing drugs at one of the top vaccine players such as GSK or Sanofi, without having much interaction with your vaccine colleagues who operate in a standalone business unit at a different site. Which means you are missing out because one – it is a fascinating business that has been reinventing itself for more than 2 centuries and two – it is a gold mine of insights for the broader curative pharma business. In this brief post, I have selected three major aspects of the vaccines value chain that could bring a positive change to pharmaceutical drugs market access and commercialization – if applied with discernment.

Vaccines are Contributing to Public Health

Three Things Pharma Payers Want (Beyond Low Prices)

After all these years of investment in research and development, here is the moment your company has been waiting for: launching the product and finally claiming a well-deserved reward whilst creating value for patients. There is one last obstacle standing between your great science and your customers: agreeing on a price with payers.