Price Right

Value-based pricing remains an elusive goal

We firmly believe that all health technologies should be priced according to the value they bring to patients, healthcare systems and society. We are developing the tools and methods to help our clients solve that equation.

True value-based pricing is realised at a point where the value provided by your product matches the differentiated worth you are claiming for it. This value-based pricing equation cannot be solved via traditional pricing researches alone.



Case Studies

Sorting Through the Complexity of Blood Products Pricing

Our client, a large biotech company, is developing novel monoclonal antibodies for the treatment of multiple rare blood disorders. To develop a strong strategy, price estimates of main comparators, IV immunoglobulins, across overlapping indications & geographical locations are essential.


The Challenge: A healthcare claims data analysis that had previously been commissioned by our client to provide evidence for developing a pricing strategy returned inconclusive results, due to an inaccurate understanding of treatment options and regimens.

Our Approach: To overcome the inaccuracies of the claims data analyses and to understand our client’s asset further, Inbeeo developed a net price calculator for the IV immunoglobulin comparators based on:

  • Re-analysis of the initial claims dataset
  • Targeted interviews of key experts
  • Sourcing list prices of main comparator brands
  • Insights to hospital rebates

Our Impact: By incorporating our core mission of Understanding the Data into our service, Inbeeo successfully completed the work within a 2-week period, prior to the client’s portfolio review. Our client used the calculator that we developed as part of the project to inform their indication prioritization strategy.

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