Case Studies

Click on the project description below to see case studies where we have supported clients in each of our four key mission areas


Price Right

Sorting Through the Complexity of Blood Products Pricing

Our client, a large biotech company, is developing novel monoclonal antibodies for the treatment of multiple rare blood disorders. To build a strong strategy, price estimates for the main comparators, intravenous immunoglobulins (IVIg), across overlapping indications and geographical locations are essential.


The Challenge: A healthcare claims data analysis that had previously been commissioned by our client to inform the development of a pricing strategy returned inconclusive results, owing to an inaccurate understanding of treatment options and regimens.

Our Approach: To overcome the inaccuracies of previous analyses and to understand our client’s asset better, Inbeeo developed a net price calculator for the intravenous immunoglobulin comparators based on:

  • A re-analysis of the initial claims dataset
  • Targeted interviews of key experts and opinion leaders
  • Sourcing list prices of main comparator brands
  • Insights into hospital rebates

Our Impact: By incorporating our core mission of Understanding the Data into our service, Inbeeo successfully completed the analysis within a 2-week period, prior to our client’s portfolio review. Our client used the calculator we developed as part of the project to inform their indication prioritization strategy.

Define the Strategy

When Orphans Grow Up

A major global pharmaceutical client is commercializing an ultra-orphan drug for a rare neurodegenerative disorder. Following successful clinical studies in an additional indication, the client approached Inbeeo to aid in defining the pricing strategy in the new and significantly larger target population.


The Challenge: The new indication potentially represents an unprecedented increase in the size of the treated population for an ultra-orphan drug.

Our Approach: Inbeeo developed a two-step approach that was tailored to the client’s unique challenge based on:

  • A pricing dashboard powered by an exhaustive in-depth quantitative analysis of analogue products
  • A series of scenario planning workshops with the client multifunctional team

Our Impact:  Inbeeo established that the client’s asset situation was truly unprecedented and that there was no appropriate analogue they could benchmark their strategy against. The insights provided lead to a reassessment of the original project focus and shifted the focus on the identification of innovative payment models.

Understand the Data

Getting Real About Real-World Evidence

Inbeeo's client, a mid-sized pharma company, aimed to renew and relaunch their internal Real-World Evidence (RWE) capabilities by establishing a cross-functional virtual team. They approached Inbeeo to lead both the strategic and operational aspects of this critical project.


The Challenge: The client was keen to establish a unified strategic vision for RWE throughout the company, ensuring alignment and buy-in from all business units, and to then make sure that this translated into seamless execution of RWE projects going forward.

Our ApproachInbeeo developed a comprehensive RWE framework. In-depth interviews were undertaken with key stakeholders throughout the client’s organisation (clinical and commercial) to ensure that the framework would deliver on all the clients RWE strategic and operational needs.

  • A strategic framework was collaboratively developed through the application of VMOST principles (Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategy, Tactics)
  • An operational framework was also created to provide guidance on answering RWE research questions

These two elements were then combined into a single web-based tool that was designed to act as a long-term virtual home for RWE at the client’s organisation.

Our Impact: This project sparked a fundamental step-change in our client’s approach to RWE. The deployment method utilized by Inbeeo provided our client with an easily accessible and navigable RWE tool which allowed for ongoing collaborative updates and content creation to reflect the rapidly evolving RWE landscape within the industry.

Operationalize the Value

Pricing Incremental Innovation

Inbeeo’s client, a global speciality company, is actively preparing for the launch of a long-acting injectable form of their block-buster short-acting oral equivalent. Inbeeo was approached to operationalize their pricing strategy within Europe.

The Challenge:  Usually, payers poorly reward incremental innovation, and the equivalence between long-acting and short-acting therapies is complex.

Our Approach: Given the limited space to manoeuvre with the pricing strategy, Inbeeo focused on the operational aspects of pricing, in a two-step approach:

  • The development of a Pricing Stimulation tool to account for various dosages, geographical locations, and comparators
  • A series of workshops with affiliate teams to use the tool with an objective to pressure-test their assumptions

Our Impact: This collaboration enabled the client’s in-country teams to effectively fine-tune and strengthen their assumptions. Inbeeo also introduced a country-need assessment to the final report to aid the global team’s budget and resource allocation leading up to the product launch.