i-vbp® – The Solution to Value-Based Pricing

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True value-based pricing is realized at a point where the value provided by your product matches the differentiated worth you are claiming for it. This VBP equation cannot be solved via traditional pricing research alone.

i-vbp® is the only value-based pricing tool designed specifically for health technologies combining state-of-the-art Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis techniques.

There are four key steps to understanding the value-based price of your asset. Inbeeo will work with you every step of the way:

  1. Build a value assessment framework relevant to patients living with the product’s targeted condition
  2. Rate the product versus relevant comparators on all elements of the framework
  3. Aggregate a net value score for the product against comparators
  4. Understand payers’ monetary thresholds for value elements of the framework

A Partnered Solution

Product: i-vbp® is a multi-platform application, compatible with mobile devices and hosted on secure SalesForce® servers. This means no excel file with layers of macros sent as email attachments. Always accessible, always up-to-date and always safe.

Services: We provide continued support to enable you to maximize the benefit of i-vbp®.

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