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Four Market Access Measures Triggered By COVID-19 That Are Here To Stay

Four Market Access Measures Triggered by COVID-19 That Are Here To Stay

Many market access decisions were intended to provide rapid one-off answers to one of the most extraordinary situations healthcare systems have ever had to face, but some of them are telling us something about the more profound changes that are likely to affect pharmaceutical market access in the longer run.

Market Access Challenges for ATMPs

How Payers in the US & Europe are adapting to the ATMP revolution

So what are ATMPs exactly and why all the fuss about these therapies and the impact they are having within the market? Inbeeo hosted a free to attend webinar looking into this topic focusing on some specific country challenges within the US and EU, with 60+ attendees contributing to the discussion during the Q&A.

ASMR Ratings Given to New Products in France since 2008

In France, the value equation may change (a little)

France’s healthcare industry strategic council CSIS met an agreement with the French Government to strengthen France’s appeal for HealthCare industries. Inbeeo dives in to investigate the impact on market access and pricing.

The Six Drugs that on Average Cost Patients over $10,000 a Year

Six Drugs that Cost a Medicare Part D Beneficiary more than $10,000 a Year

No one will argue that Medicare Part D met a genuine need at its inception in the mid-2000s – offering Medicare beneficiaries an affordable voluntary health insurance plan that would cover their outpatient prescription needs. Fast forward 10 years. Has Part D met its objective? In terms of the availability of a wide range of plans at an affordable premium in all parts of the nation, yes, definitely. In terms of actual payments made to beneficiaries, this is a question mark.

The Trump Effect on Pharmaceutical Company Stock Prices and their effect on drug prices

Drug Pricing – Feeling the Squeeze

Whatever happens next in the US and elsewhere, life science companies must take charge and own the value story behind their innovative products. It starts by understanding and mastering value assessment frameworks. An Inbeeo thought experiment.