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How Payers in the US & Europe are adapting to the ATMP revolution

So what are ATMPs exactly and why all the fuss about these therapies and the impact they are having within the market? Inbeeo hosted a free to attend webinar looking into this topic focusing on some specific country challenges within the US and EU, with 60+ attendees contributing to the discussion during the Q&A.

Decoding the data: Twitter Analytics

Around this time last year Hervé shared his dabbling in Google trends leading to a retrospective identification of pharma bro being the most significant driver of pharmaceutical pricing searches in 2017. This sparked a lot of internal interest and prompted a pet project to see if we could do some deeper analysis on societies engagement with pharma pricing by flexing our proverbial machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) muscles. While search trends can take you so far, for 2018 we wanted to get our teeth into something with a bit more substance and Twitter duly obliged. 
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