From our London-Paddington base, we are on a mission to help our clients create superior customer value and optimize healthcare worldwide. As an independent consultancy, we operate a network of freelancers and experts in major geographies with a strong focus on markets within Europe, USA, Canada, China, and Japan.

Here are a few things you might want to know about us…

Our Vision

On any given year, there is a $50 billion gap between analysts’ predicted sales for all new life science products launches and their actual sales. At Inbeeo, we believe that alongside scientific challenges, the root cause of this gap is the lack of careful planning for and demonstration of value. This is why we call it “the value gap”. Inbeeo was founded from a clear vision:

‘Our vision is a world where the value of health technologies is fully realized’

Our Missions

With our vision in mind, our four key missions have been defined to qualify how we can help our clients focus on realizing the value of their products:

  • Price Right: Inbeeo’s unique platform, i-vbp®, provides the solution to value-based pricing. Together, we successfully price your assets according to the value they provide to customers (Request a personalized demo at i-vbp@inbeeo.com)
  • Understand the Data: Understanding inevitably starts with data. Through interactive pricing dashboards, pricing and budget impact models, we help you collect data but most importantly make sense of it
  • Define the Strategy: Making the right decisions at the right time. We tailor strategy development to your needs to maximize the value of your asset. P&R scenario planning, evidence gap analysis, and rapid M&A opportunity assessments are amongst many tools Inbeeo has generated to define the strategy
  • Operationalize the Value: Translating your asset’s value and pricing strategy into an operational reality. Negotiation readiness assessments, loss-of-exclusivity pricing and reimbursement planning are all tools designed to enable efficient execution of our strategy

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Our Values

Our core values are embedded in every interaction and decision made with Inbeeo:

  • Open and Networked: We will guide you through significant challenges, propel you forward by partnering with your internal teams and stakeholders,  and help you form connections with external sources when needed
  • Honest and Direct: We serve you the naked truth, anchor our findings in a detailed understanding of facts and data, and avoid circumvolution. That’s just our style
  • Believe in Value and Economic Thinking: Through a dedicated focus on realizing the final value of your asset, we help you pull the right levers. Don’t be scared by our ‘economic thinking’, we always look beyond the financial metrics, at the bigger picture
  • We believe in experience and design thinking: A giant spreadsheet with a Monte Carlo model attached to it is not our preferred approach (although on occasions it might be needed). We believe in leaving a positive impression through delivering you a superior experience whilst collaborating with Inbeeo. Engaging, clear and full of actionable insight is Inbeeo’s way