Sarah Kassenaar Associate Consultant at Inbeeo

Day in the life of a consultant at Inbeeo

Join Sarah, Associate Consultant at Inbeeo, as she works to solve exciting market access challenges for our global life sciences clients.


Arrive at Inbeeo – our office is in a converted Georgian townhouse overlooking Bedford Square in the heart of London. We open up the windows and get some fresh air in the office, getting ready to start the day as others trickle in. At Inbeeo we have a hybrid work model, so there’s a mix of people in the office each day, and I vary my schedule to be in when I have lots of meetings with  the team or clients, and tend to work from home on days when I have quieter tasks such as slide building, writing or research.


First video meeting of the day with our client in Denmark. This is a big, long-term project to develop an early-stage market access strategy for multiple assets. I have been working on it since I started at Inbeeo.

We go over progress and present the materials we have prepared to test value messages with payers for upcoming innovative therapies. We catch-up with the client for this project weekly, sometimes more frequently when there are deadlines and big deliverables on the horizon.


Next up is a meeting with two other consultants at Inbeeo to discuss a project management course that we have been working on. We talk about what we gotten out of the course modules this week, what we liked and what we thought we could use in our current work.

It’s a good time for us to informally catch-up and get some inspiration for the project that I am working on.


Coffee time! I make a flat white at the espresso machine and head back to my desk to get to work – today that means replying to some client emails and reviewing some of the feedback we have gotten from the client’s team.

Given the complexity that goes into product development in the pharmaceutical industry, there are many stakeholders involved on the client’s side. I’ll spend the next few hours refining a PowerPoint presentation and brainstorming prompts for some upcoming payer interviews, which will be conducted with experts across the US and Europe.


It’s time for lunch, and some of the team heads out for a stroll to find something to eat – the Bloomsbury Farmer’s Market on Thursday is a favorite and a short walk away from the office. We stretch our legs, get some food, and head back to meet the rest of the team and eat lunch together.


Wrap-up lunch in time for an internal meeting to start thinking about the i-vbp model for the project I’m working on. I-vbp is Inbeeos’ proprietary software that can be used to generate custom value frameworks for an asset. With other members of the Inbeeo team who are experts in i-vbp, we discuss the domains and attributes of the model, coming up with an initial framework to show the client.


Back to my desk to keep working on presentations and deliverables to be sent to the clients next week. I’ll also have a quick catch-up with the analyst who reports to me, checking in to see how her workload has been and any areas where she might need help.


Time for our weekly project planning meeting, where the consultants and associate director meet to allocate work for the week, and plan the teams’ time. We use a project management software and assign tasks and timelines to analysts so that everyone has a clear idea of what they will be up to next week. It’s a good chance for us to think about the priorities for the week and the resources that we need to get there.


Once the project meeting wraps up, I head back to my desk and review a proposal that is being sent out this evening for a new project. Business development is always happening in the background as we build relationships with clients. Once everything is checked and ready to go, I do a last scan of my email and to-do list.


Time to head home – thanks for spending a ‘day in the life’ with me as an Inbeeo consultant!

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