Our Impact

Price right case study

How re-shaping an assets early value narrative towards the most impactful clinical scenarios streamlined its potential target indications and led to the next wave of funding


  • Inbeeo’s recommendations led to a streamlining of target indications towards clinical scenarios with the highest value creation potential for the new technology

  • The report was shared with analysts and supported a successful round of funding

Inbeeo's Client

Inbeeo’s client, a pre-commercial start-up company, is actively developing a breakthrough needle-free injection device across multiple indications. Inbeeo set about assessing their pricing potential in key markets in support for their next round of investor discussions.


The value proposition of the product resides in the device and less so in the targeted chemical entities which are already genericized, potentially challenging the value perception of key stakeholders.


Given the early stage of the product development and the absence of a validated target product profile, Inbeeo developed multiple scenarios and tested them in targeted primary payer research.

  • Inbeeo reshaped the value narrative around therapeutic entities instead of a medical device

  • The research revealed marked willingness-to-pay variances across clinical scenarios