Our Impact

Define the right value strategy case study

How primary research of payers’ data needs and decision-making processes guided global market access activities


  • The survey lead to actionable insights that enabled the client to better plan their evidence generation process to ensure they were able to provide payers with the most relevant information to support their decision making

Inbeeo's Client

Inbeeo’s client asked for our support to gain a better understanding of how payers in the US and EU5 assess and verify data provided by pharmaceutical companies along with their approaches to acquiring and assessing data in decision making.


Data requirements for HTA and reimbursement decisions are well defined. Less clarity exists on how payers perceive the evidence provided by the pharmaceutical industry and what other data sources are used by payers relevant for their decision making.


Inbeeo used a single-round online survey to gain rapid insights from a large group of payers from differing backgrounds and locations.

To ensure high quality and relevant outputs, Inbeeo employed a 3 step approach to survey design, implementation and analysis including:

  • Robust survey pre-testing in order to ensure the survey generates the most relevant insights

  • Diverse questioning including a mixture of question styles and location specific branching

  • Comprehensive quantitative and qualitative analysis