Our Impact

Price right case study

How leveraging a ‘glocal’ approach supported the assessment of the pricing and reimbursement potential of a breakthrough orphan drug in China


  • The key outputs from the research, coupled with Inbeeo’s insights and recommendations formed a key component of the client’s pipeline decision for this asset

  • The final results were presented to the client in less than a month from commissioning the project to support the clients need to meet the pipeline decision-making deadline

Inbeeo's Client

Inbeeo’s client wished to gain an understanding of the current and emerging pricing landscape for a breakthrough therapy in China. There was a strong timing constraint as the project outputs were to inform a key pipeline decision.


There were no comparable breakthrough products reimbursed in China through existing national formularies. The research was complex as it related to a prospective exercise with a great deal of uncertainty involved.


We leveraged our global network to develop a “glocal” approach to the project, by developing the research strategy and materials from our head office, and commissioning the interviews and some aspects of the secondary research to local experts in native language.

The transversal analysis of secondary and primary insights allowed us to perform a critical review of the data and draw important conclusions about the likelihood that each scenario may materialize over time.