Our Impact

Operationalize the value case study

How fostering close communications to prioritize key market access activities, ensured the timely delivery of optimized value materials for specialty assets


  • All country affiliates received appropriate, timely value materials to support country submissions 

  • The timeliness and quality of the materials led to the client requesting an extension to the support from Inbeeo to cover a subsequent product launch and follow-up

Inbeeo's Client

By carefully prioritizing market access activities in line with submission timelines, and working to support cross-company discussions, Inbeeo ensured value materials were optimized to each country.


Inbeeo’s client requires market access support at both the EUCAN and country level as they actively prepare for the launch of two speciality products in quick succession. With a nimble organizational structure, there was a need to prioritize strategic and operational support, and ensure close collaboration across all levels and functions.


Following an extensive discovery phase to understand the outstanding gaps in value materials at EUCAN level, country submission timelines, and internal capabilities, Inbeeo identified several priority geographies and immediate needs.

Inbeeo’s immediate support focused on the finalization of value materials at the EUCAN level, ensuring all country affiliates were heavily involved in the refinement of messages.

We collaborated with affiliates to tailor messages to their specific setting, and to ensure the required deliverables were available in time for submission deadlines.