Our Impact

Define the right value strategy case study

How developing a HTA and pricing framework for orphan drugs across EU5 can help optimize portfolio expansion


  • Gaining a deep understanding of the environment has helped the client optimize their approach to portfolio expansion

  • Novel insights generated by the ‘boundary shapers’ was highlighted as a key advantage to the project approach

Inbeeo's Client

Inbeeo led a Health Economic Expert Council meeting to help develop a deep understanding of the orphan drug pricing and reimbursement environment to inform the client’s approach to their planned portfolio expansion.


Inbeeo’s client was looking to expand their specialty product portfolio into the orphan space. Inbeeo saw the need to go above and beyond the traditional advisory board requested by the client to really delve into the intricacies of orphan drug landscape, and identify ‘outside-of-the-box’ evidence generation strategies.


To ensure we developed a comprehensive understanding of the landscape for orphan drugs, we recruited both highly-renowned proxy payers from each target country, and a set of ‘boundary shapers’ – including an international lawyer, and the head of innovation at a leading online patient community platform.

An initial mobilization phase, comprising intensive secondary research and an online survey, was designed to identify areas of alignment and any country-specific disparities, and select key product and company case examples. This acted as a springboard for discussions during the subsequent Health Economic Expert Council meeting, during which deep insights were gathered on key questions relating to the legislative framework for orphan drugs, learnings from case examples, and evidence generation strategies.