Our Impact

Define the right value strategy case study

How building a step by step market access strategy created a pricing and value roadmap for a specialty product in a highly competitive and genericized market


  • Inbeeo has developed a trusted advisor partnership with a client across a range of indications within a specialized therapy area, developing a strong understanding of the assets required needs across target countries

  • Leveraging this knowledge supported specific strategic advice for the benefit of the client across their entire market access program

  • Inbeeo acted as a Center of Excellence and working with global colleagues engaged local country affiliates to create global & regional value across the asset development phases

Inbeeo's Client

A mid-size pharmaceutical company have partnered with Inbeeo to work with them to maximise their market access opportunities in a challenging therapeutic area.


The client required support in designing a step-by-step strategic market access roadmap that can reflect and maximise the value of their new product with an innovative new Mechanism of Action. There are multiple competitor molecules and generics within the target therapy area and the approach required a multi-dimensional strategy across markets and relevant stakeholders.


Inbeeo has been a partner in the Market Access Program for this product. Our understanding of the unmet needs of payers has supported the creation of a differentiated value story.


Engaging with payers required a multi-faceted approach, from understanding their data needs during the decision-making process to identify the best opportunities for early engagement across markets.



Inbeeo is opening opportunities through identifying the most attractive pricing pathway. A deep analysis of opportunities consider Innovative Payment Models vs Traditional Pricing approaches with localization programs that allow for regulatory and payer preferences across markets.