Our Impact

Understanding the data case study

How assessing the pricing and reimbursement risks associated with a product withdrawal supported the action steps to take in key Central and Eastern EU markets


  • With a solid risk analysis, the client was able to make country-by-country decisions

  • The client was confident how to pilot the withdrawal process and advise their local distributors properly

  • The client established a new SOP for commercialization withdrawal

Inbeeo's Client

Inbeeo’s client, a large speciality company, had identified that after loss of exclusivity, price erosion had turned several product packs unprofitable in East European markets. They considered withdrawing them from commercialization but needed to understand the risks of doing so and the approach to take.


There may be some unknown risks with payers for the pricing of other or future products and reputation. The client needed to identify these risks, as well as the process for reimbursement delisting in nine East European countries.


  • Inbeeo’s budget-saving approach involved organizing only one expert interview per country for the primary research component, supplemented with desk research

  • Inbeeo developed the desk research guide and the interview guide for researching all payer / pricing and reimbursement aspects around reimbursement delisting and / or commercialization withdrawal, and refined it with the client

  • Alternatives to commercialization withdrawal were also studied (such as free price increase after reimbursement delisting) for maintaining commercialization as non-reimbursable products for the most critically-needed galenic forms