Our Impact

Operationalize the value case study

How an Innovative Pricing Calculator Enabled the Identification of Key Value Drivers and Compelling Value Metrics to Support Asset Strategy


  • The pricing calculator enabled our client to identify the clinical and economic areas where their asset had the potential to add value compared to current products in the therapy area

  • By linking costs saving from events avoided in the treatment pathway, with defined clinical outcomes we were able to generate persuasive value metrics to support future outcomes-based agreements

Inbeeo's Client

Inbeeo developed a treatment pathway Excel calculator focused on identifying the key drivers of cost and clinical benefit within the treatment of a chronic lung disease


While companies are increasingly looking to value based pricing for their assets there is often uncertainty where to start and how to identify where true value lies. Inbeeo’s client wanted to explore the potential for outcomes based agreements and value based pricing for their new asset currently in development


We developed a pricing calculator with an inbeeo value-based twist!

We identified all the areas where the product could demonstrate value and distilled these into a set of core Value Elements. These value elements were then summarized in a price calculator, with appropriate identification and costing.

The price calculator helped to triangulate achievable prices for the asset through the construction of value element scenarios that demonstrated the potential avoided costs from obtaining different clinical outcomes with the asset

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