Our Impact

Understanding the data case study

How providing executive summaries of key diabetes studies & publications supported development of key marketing messages & promotional materials


  • Summary reports for key relevant diabetes publications and studies enabled essential refresh of core marketing messages and promotional materials

  • Quarterly reports enabled regular review and focus to ensure material stayed ahead of the competition and of relevance to brand performance

Inbeeo's Client

Inbeeo’s client wanted a focus on emerging key diabetes publications and studies with potential impact upon their diabetes assets. The volume of the number of potential articles, coupled with the need to identify areas of impact, required regular review and summary report generation to support market leadership and identify areas of future message development.


For a 12 month period, Inbeeo reviewed key diabetes publications and studies, coordinated at key potential publication release times over the calendar year, to identify articles for summary report production. Each summary report needed to be insightful and assessed relative for the impact on our clients diabetes assets and wider portfolio.


Inbeeo identified key publication and study dates across the calendar year to draw upon article collection, collation and review. High impact articles on the clients diabetes portfolio were selected for production of summary reports in line with key internal milestones for marketing and promotional review.

The summary reports identified key elements of the studies and publications aligned to areas of high potential impact and utilisation for our clients diabetes portfolio.