Our Impact

Understanding the data case study

How a DELPHI survey informed the key inputs of a health economic model to support the launch of a breakthrough specialty product


  • The DELPHI panel generated the model inputs required to fill the data gaps in the clients’ economic model

  • Having these values generated by a validated methodology and based on the consensus of multiple KOLs ensued the validity of the model was maintained

Inbeeo's Client

Inbeeo’s client, was in the process of launching a new rheumatology product in Europe. They were lacking robust and market specific data for several key economic model inputs and asked for Inbeeo’s support in filling these data gaps.


As the asset introduced a new treatment paradigm in rheumatology, there was no published data available that accurately represented the model population. With these inputs anticipated to be key drivers of the model and with the product launch imminent, there was a need to fill these data gaps with inputs that would stand up to the scrutiny of assessors.


Inbeeo undertook a rapid two-round online DELPHI survey with a large sample of KOLs within the market of interest targeted at filling the data gaps.

The panel enabled scientifically robust consensus through agreement or disagreement to carefully selected statements targeted at the required inputs. Being hosted on an online platform, the DELPHI survey was a quick, efficient and flexible tool with no geographical constraints.