Our Impact

Operationalize the value case study

How a comprehensive review of the payer landscape is being used to support the development of a novel gene therapy


  • In-depth analysis of the appraisal outcomes for all currently-approved gene therapy products allowed for the identification of key clinical and economic challenges across products and geographies

  • Recommendations developed to help mitigate these challenges are feeding into the clinical development program for the client’s novel gene therapy product

Inbeeo's Client

Inbeeo conducted an analysis of all approved gene therapy products to inform the early product development strategy in order to mitigate common payer challenges.


Gene therapies pose a number of unique challenges to payers. Inbeeo’s client needed to develop a detailed understanding of EU5 and US payers’ concerns relating to both clinical and economic evidence, to inform their early stage development program for a novel specialty asset.


An initial review of the landscape across the EU5 and US identified several important opportunities for gene therapies, but also significant market access challenges.

In order to fully understand payers’ specific reactions to gene therapies, a deep-dive review of all approved therapies was conducted, which involved analysis of the clinical evidence base, alongside all published HTA appraisals.

This allowed for the identification of common pitfalls faced by gene therapies, and for an archetyping of the payer landscape according to their engagement.